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when we make plans for the future we don’t know what happened then, do we? In the morning, I have set up a schedule to complete my task but in fact I can’t do that. The first problem is LAZY. The weather support to the  sleepy, watching tv, everything else makes you relax. Hellooo, this is H-5 you have to finished at all *gigit bantal* But this morning I finished on one task, Patofisiologi completed, yipiiiww J
This is my third year college student and insya allah two thousand and fourteen I become a specialist nutrition and continue the studied at a higher level, yeaaaahh… but it will need long process and best effort. Now I wanna sharing story about dream. Everyone surely have a big dream, beautiful dream or everything else. Please raise your hand if you has been succeeded reach your dream? *nyipitin mata* what are the requirement, what should we do, how about best steps if we want to be like them,  successful people? The seminar I have ever attended, they showed the best thing to do such work hard, take care of you and make sure you can do it. But it is not only that. A little things  can be a big things if you loose it. For example, you just focus for everything makes you happy even though its too bad for you or push yourself. Yeah, sometimes we are not conscious. I believe everything are possible if we believe in ourselves. God give us an excess and shortage so we must say Alhamdulillah J we can maximize our advantages and shortcomings for the better, as simple as easy. The problem is we don’t know our excess and shortage so you find out more. You can join competition or trying new things.
Another side, you need motivation. Big motivation to encourage you so that your spirit would be explode. For me, motivation can be made by yourself. You can imagine what happened in yourself. But if you can’t you may follow motivator. And the last, the most important things is imagine your dream become true. I have one old proverb, pretend you’re up to Is the pretense that became evident (berpura-puralah kamu sampai kepura-puraan itu menjadi nyata).
Hopefully with this step make yourself much more spirit, creating inspiration future or something  like that. Give best effort and make sure we are ready to get beautiful future .

Bogor, 20th 11, 2012


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