when you under pressure ?!

*yawning*it’s so cold today make me still in bed, under the covers but I can’t do that. So many things I have to do. All my pending task. Actually, I am confused because I feel I have finished everything on my agenda but in reality not yet. Ulalaaa…
Okeeeyy before doing the task we need cool down, refresh the brain. Today I have four task *ngelap ingus*  and it will start to write blogs with ease.
Do you feel ever under pressure in some situation?? Ever!! Yakaaan??  All of people in this world surely feeling like under pressure although their feeling is not. Uhmm last Saturday I had the assignment presentation in my class, learning about nutrition diagnosis. My friends and I have finished on it for a long time ago so when starting the presentation we forget what we’ll do. Such formula. Yeaahh, the formula we are wrong and my lecturer asks me why you are wrong in your note book while there has been the right formula? *gigit lidah!* Then extremely lonely, still as death. One of my friends said that we did not work as a group but we carried on each so we combined our task. This is our results. I don’t know what was happening to me because I could not speak,  mouth to lock up. I just smiled, thinking and reading. I can’t do everything. Nerveous once. In front of the class, many couples eye looking at me  and it makes me like a stone. Unable to move. Ouch…damn it baby!
Few slide we were wrong, but there are so many small mistake. Other friend ask my group, they  corrected but it makes me…. What would we say in Bahasa Indonesia? Merasa terpuruk kali yah, kayak terpojok. Ko klompok gue stupid bgttt. Aishhh, last Saturday my mood was so devastated, so declined. And my laptop is broken. Okeey enough to make me angry *take a deep breath*. Alhamdulillah my laptop turned out fine, just less scrupulous to operate. She is not the problem. Maybe she can feeling what I am feel *kecups si item*
Whoaaaaamhh, until now, the cold weather. There is no sunlight but so obvious J. Okey I think it’s enough to tell, hahahaaa… later when I have spare time we would talk a lot. Ow yeaahh there is strong sentence to make you successful like ME (Amin yaa Allah)
Do not be lazy to work and work,  hard to learn more and more. Succes can be achieved if we are maximum in one things. Stay focused and do better.


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