littel family

yesterday, my buddies friend had came to my house and we planned to arrange power point for presentation next week. Buuuuutt.. it doesn't happen. We watching the drama. Hahaaa :) 
My friend, Laila. She is very like K-Pop and J-Pop actually and beacuse of her i really like too. One of movie, drama or talkshow she have been gave to me only movie and kids talkshow were i like. 

oke, i tell you why i so love the talkshow! A man have three child and the interesting is they are TRIPLETS!! wohooo... (one day, if i married dream have a tripltes) they are so cute babies, in bahasa indonesia is GEMESSSHH !!

thanks to Laila for knowing me into this film so i have imagine how my little family future :* :* :*


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