new president and vice president

Booyaahh... it’s beautiful morning. Thanks God has given us sunshine and we really enjoy it. By the way Indonesia has a new Presiden and Vice Presiden is Mr Jokowi and Mr Jusuf Kalla. It means new hope, new day, and so on. For me in medical and food area very hope for humanitarian welfare, healthy increased, food safety, less infectious illness like a protein-energy malnutrition, less vitamin A, less yodium disorder and so on. But it’s not enough, other disease which attack for menopouse or we usually called silent disease like a coronary heart disease, stroke, chronic kidney disease, include obesity and overweight is cause these silent disease happened. Most of all because food. People who dont know how best choosing food their illness can make very dangerous situation. Knowledgement, is one factor for choosing how to best food. Back to the our new Presiden. I am sure that Mr. Jokowi and his partner can solve those problem. We are an element ready for help and touch the situation. We are understand how to difficult to make a zero hunger for Indonesia especially in rural area but we have to sure we can do this. Make Indonesia better for five years later and make Indonesian proud to be with you J


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