oktober wish!!

hollaaa everyone ....
so long time we never see again..

how was your day?? hopefully preety much beautiful in every single day *BIGCHEERS*. Around one month i never open this blog and never pour something feeling into this. I have prepare for final exam (pray for me, pleaseee)
In earlier, we submit a paper last august and hopefully we will get final exam schdule as soon as possible at the early september. Honestly, it can't happen. Our study program have been confronting accreditation so all of lecturer were focus on this event.
okay, leave the campus live and we gotta move on issue :)
Hwaaa... now its October, right? so fastly. I feel that i am not complete my study (still on going), still scratch beautiful future with whom i will spend my life, have a twins sweetiest kids and we travelling in the world. Haaashh.. it orderly saving in my pocket book. And now my big homework is try to find manner how to reach these big dream. I believe everything is possible if we always do best and pray because of Allah has decide.


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