tiktok tiktok tiktok

i have no idea now!!
i dont know what i wrote since last noon
i am loose concentration, yeaah i dont know what should i do

in my mind, just one thing is about HOW TO GET GOOD JOB, GOOD SALARY AND GOOD LIVE !!!

my cousin (i can't mention her real name, sorry) you can call her, Kitty because she love so much hello kitty is a good cousin, she very clever and have high motivation to change her life. she very hardwoker and discipline about time. since we had elementary school she always got favorite school. it looks like her activity. she very active student. join many extracurricular and make her so bravely!

and now.. she already passed. my parents told me that she will work in BPJS company where BUMN owner. so, am jealous?? hemm... i am sure i am not jealous but it will make me keep spirit to reach my big dream. i follow her manner to get best way and it work

she is inspiring lady and i am so lucky for having cousin like her



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