bored and boring

his word can describe me now since the last exam, ausgust. No special thing i have to do. Cleaning house, reading, studying about grammar and watching movie is my daily activity. I was try applying job via email and no one reply. Mom said this is last year so may be companny closed registration. SAD!! of course but i could took hikmah from that day, i might be prepared grammar well. In January i will take the test :)

So, what would you do if you were me? still at home and you could do nothing. It makes me think about housewife. She is a real women. She could be a wife, could be mom, teacher for her kids, home assisten, best life partner for her husband, everything. And the work time is FULL TIME. It start from woke up till go to sleep. No, its no enough. She is make sure everything gonna be okay like a knocked the door, turn off the lamp and stove. If we have imagined that too many worked and sometime we never know. Let's appreciate our houswife, haha :D

Back to the topic. Long time at house with no activity makes me pain. My backhand specially, heemm seems like grandmom (means: old people...) Mom said i must enjoy this moment. Later on if i worked i never feel like this. Hahahaa...


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