buddies, where are you :'(

Friend is not really friend when they try to hit you from back. They (always) speaks about you which is not you. Oh dear... how pitty you are!! When you feel sick, yes they are in there but there is something different from their attendence. I am not really understand but my deep heart say it. Haha, it just wrong feeling maybe. But in long ago when i had bestfriend, hemm which is in secondary school it can be called pure friend because we are true friends. We always together where we going to, we never unbend our hand, laughing, crying aaaanndd the funniest moment is falling in love for the first time, we named itu “cinta monyet”. Ah, forgot it! But i am very grateful and friend relationsip is still in our heart. We keep contact, hanging out and each of us has own surprise. Hahaaa... yeaah, there is a life. We never know what happens the future but past is a best teacher for create beautiful life.

Good Nite, Buddies :) 

(ditulis pas malem-malem, sendirian dikamar disaat lagi mualeeess bgt belajar (dan belajar dan belajar....) and really miss moment when we playing hide and seek daaaann akhirnya kita main ujan-ujanan bareng pas SD....


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