your passion is yours

Morning sunshine, morning you guys...
Hopefully the day will be better than yesterday.

Last night i was made time table for planning. Start from this year, i have one goals where i fulfilled them. But so sorry i can't explain it (its BIG secreet). When we talked about career, education and life style we also talked about passion. Your passion is yours. We have to be ourselves and do not compare to them. I really love about food and art and everything all about medicine. So i choose to deepen knowledge in Nutrition and Dietetics.

When i meeting up with patient, giving them an advice or just help to solving the problem i feel that i found new interesting thing and can't found in anywhere. I am proud of myself if they had keeping healthy or keeping heard my advice then they do act. That is more than i expected.

Oh God. I really thanks if i were an angel for them. Making healthy food, decreasing strees and improve their healthy. As a Nutrition Counselor, i really love heard their "Curahan Hati/Curhat" then solving the problem. Yes, this is my great passion.

When i do interenship in RSUD Cirebon for three month, i do many things. Not only in clinical but also in management food safety like distribute, making a portion, checking a diet and many more. I guarantee its more than you had learned in school. Trust me.

But working in hospital (really-really) tired and getting stress. You just no interaction with patient or client but also how to improved their healthy. Pro and Cont it's naturally happen but you have to show your profesionalism.

No matter what, working as Dietitian in hospital is really my great passion and i love it. When you love your work, you will enjoy them. Just do your best...

Trust me :)


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    Well that's great. :)


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