By the end of this month i should leaving RSPAD, my sweet office which i met many kind of people. Long time ago when i kids i dreamt became to a doctor who wearing white jacket, stetoscope and giving an advice for my patient but it just a dream. The fact i am still wearing white jacket but couldn't use stetoscope but food model, giving solution related to food and many more.

"Did you happy ?"
"Of course, yes..."
"But you fail became a doctor!!"
"Dont you know, why i seriously wants to a doctor? because other people ask you about their life and you could decreased it, it's more than anything!! priceless moment when they are very respect everything what you said. And it is not only DOCTOR but also other health worker including DIETITIAN. Like me now.

Yeah,i love love loooovee somuch my jobs now.
i could feel what they feel


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