Minggu, 03 Januari 2016


Happy Holiday Good People,

Alhamdulillah, we had entered new year, new hope, new plan or maybe new partner. Hahahaa... God has given us time (again) to improve our abilitys to help each other. Amin...

Guys.. guys.. guys....
In 2016 we had a lot longtime. I mean friday-saturday-sunday or saturday-sunday-monday. Yippiii... 3 day with no work- no office is so priceless, right ?
But, to be honest is not for me. *nangis dipojokan*. When you decided to work in mass-serve, there is no red-date or saturday-sunday-free-time. Ehm, how should i tell you yah... you got one day free time even in weekdays but you have to work in weekend (like a sales who work in the mall, maybe...) Because your patient need you, a dietitian.

You are the one that they need. (nyemangatin diri sendiri)
So, you have to be happy and give them the best serve.

Cheers :)

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