may happiest, deam and all the good things comes true. Amin :)

Did i late to say "Happy New Year Eve?". I am sorry for not blogging in early days. I was to do my job and homework as usually. It killing fast my (free) time, i had some task (like i said before on my blog) until midnight, woke up in the morning with "kriyep-kriyep" eyes, when arrived at hospital (my greatest office) i have to do many form like screening, nutrition care form and many more. Hobaaaahh... Can you imagine what a busy i am ? *devils eye*

But whatever you do, you have to love your jobs. Because when you hate or feels uncomfortable, it makes your work so hard, not maximaze. (But trust me, it just a words. The facts is NOT!, hahaaa..)

Good relationships with friends, senior and junior or even the security will help us. But man, this is life, reality, maybe we had good to everyone but they didn't same to us. Dont worry, God enever sleep, He know how to replied them. Just do what you wanna do, dont forget to smile and say thanks.

Small things that we dont mind, its very meaningfull for others.

Just do it.


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